Spotting scams

Helpful hints and tips to protect yourself

Common scams and how to avoid them

Scammers are always looking for new clever and convincing ways to trick people, so keep up to date with the latest updates and keep your personal and banking details safe. 

Email scams

Known as Phishing

Where you get emails pretending to be from legitimate sources however they’re asking you to give away personal or private information.

Telephone scams

Known as Vishing

Phone calls from fraudsters which encourage you to give out your personal details, such as your debit card number or card reader codes.

Text message scams

Known as Smishing

When a fraudster sends a text message to try and trick you into giving away your personal and security information.

Identity theft

Identity theft is when a fraudster steals your personal information, usually so they can use it to impersonate you.

Investment fraud

Criminals often make promises of great returns when investing in their schemes, which often don't exist or are worthless.

Other types of scams