Banking My Way

What is Banking My Way?

Banking My Way is a free service that allows you to record information about the support or adjustments you need to make banking easier. You can also let us know any additional support you may need to ensure all of our colleagues are aware of this. The information will be shared on our internal systems and therefore you will not need to repeat these requirements every time you interact with us.

You can record this through online banking or with our colleagues in branches or telephony teams.

How to register for Banking My Way

If you have already registered for online banking, follow these simple steps. If you have not registered for online banking, you can contact our telephony team or visit a branch to register for Banking My Way.

  1. 01

    Log into online banking and select 'Your Details' and you will see a section for Banking My Way. 

  2. 02

    There will be an option to ‘Find out more about Banking My Way' and this will take you to a list of FAQs

  3. 03

    If you wish to create a new Banking My Way record you can select ‘Manage my personal settings’ which will allow you to access the self-service toolkit.

We're here to provide the support you need

Do you need additional support with banking because of a disability or health condition or because your circumstances have changed? If so please find out more about our Banking My Way toolkit and the ways in which we can support you today or when you contact us in the future.

How does Banking My Way support you?

Banking My Way will allow you to tell us more about your current circumstances and the difficulties that you are facing with your banking. This will allow you to also tell us about the support you require, and we will ensure that this information is shared with our teams to support any further interactions that you have with us. The information is only used to enhance the support we provide to you and you can update this information at any stage.

What options are available to support you?

You can share as little or as much as you feel comfortable with.

Section on ‘About me’ which will focus on your vulnerability/disability e.g I am Visually Impaired, I am Hearing Impaired etc.

Section on ‘Support Me’ which will focus on the ways in which we can support you e.g. please speak slowly and clearly to me or please don’t assume my gender when talking to me.

Please find more information on the support available.

What if my circumstances change?

We will ask you to review this on an annual basis to ensure our records are correct and up to date but you can also update your information via online, telephony and branch. 




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