Bank's Base Rate and Standard Variable Rate

Find out why our interest rates change

How could Base Rate changes affect me?

The Bank's Base Rate is currently 5.25%

On certain products, our interest rates are linked to the Bank's Base Rate, which is influenced by changes to the Bank of England Base Rate. If the Bank's Base Rate changes, your monthly payment may be affected if you hold a mortgage, loan or savings product.

We will notify you in advance of changes to any of our products so you have time to review your options.

How has the Bank's Base Rate changed recently?

What is Standard Variable Rate?

Standard Variable Rate (SVR) is a type of mortgage interest rate. The rate is set by the mortgage lender and can change at any time. It's not directly tied to the Bank of England Base Rate, however it usually moves in line with it.

Residential properties Standard Variable Rate

Buy to Let properties Standard Variable Rate