Making our services available to everyone

Banking My Way

Banking My Way is a free service that allows you to record information about the support or adjustments you need to make banking easier. You can also let us know any additional support you may need to ensure all of our colleagues are aware of this. The information will be shared on our internal systems and therefore you will not need to repeat these requirements every time you interact with us.

You can record this through Online Banking or with our colleagues in branches or telephony teams.

How can we help?

In branch


We're always looking to improve our branches to make access easier for everyone. We assess our branches physical accessibility and look for improvement opportunities as part of future refurbishment schemes.


We have audio induction loops installed on some counter positions and a portable induction loop that can be used during meetings and interviews. Ask in your local branch which services are available.

Cash machines


Where possible, our new cash machines have been installed at a height suitable for wheelchair access.


Our new cash machines have features to help our visually impaired customers, including: raised dot on the number 5, coloured keys for 'entry' and 'error', depression in the centre of all keys making them easier to press. All our cash machines have audible tone prompts after each key depression.



Let us know if you'd like your correspondence and statements in Braille, large print or on audiotape.

Screen reader

Our website and online banking should work with all major screen reader software.

Mobile users

Our website will work with the accessibility options in iOS and Android for tablet and mobile users.

Website shortkeys

We have a number of shortcuts for our website and online banking services.

Something else we can help you with?