How do I pay an existing payee using the mobile app?

How do I pay an existing payee using the mobile app?

  1. On the home screen tap the ‘Payments’ button on the navigation bar located at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Ensure the account displayed is set to the account which you want to make the payment from. You can easily swipe to change accounts.
  3. Tap 'Move money'.
  4. Tap 'Make a payment'.
  5. Select the payee you want to pay and follow the instructions on screen.
  6. You can choose to amend the payee reference (you will be limited to mobile app limit if you have not registered for face biometrics).

To ensure your money is safe, we will sometimes ask you to authorise a payment. If you have registered for face biometrics, we will ask you to use this and you will be able to authorise a new payment up to:

  • £20,000.00 for Personal customers
  • £50,000.00 for Business customers.

Mobile payment limits apply

If you haven’t registered for face biometrics you can use Face ID/Touch ID on iOS, fingerprint on Android or your app passcode up to the mobile app daily limit.

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