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Gold travel insurance

Your Gold account includes family travel insurance which offers comprehensive cover when travelling and includes winter sports cover so you can travel with peace of mind. If you need medical assistance whilst abroad, we have local knowledge of medical facilities and multi-lingual staff available 24x7 to speak to local medics.

Emergency contact information

24 hour Assistance Helpline: 020 8763 3046
From abroad: +44 (0) 20 8763 3046

Lines open 24 hours a day


Non emergency contact information

Membership Services: 02392 676061

Customer Services:
Lines open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm

Travel Claims:
Lines open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm,closed Bank Holidays


What you need to know

Policy Cover and Limitations

What is the policy excess?

The policy excess is 35, 50 for golf cover. An excess does not apply to all sections, customers should read the table for more information.

This Excess will be applied to each Beneficiary for each event.

Are hazardous activities covered on the policy?

What geographic area does the policy cover?


What is the valuable Limit?


Trip Duration

What is the maximum duration of an individual trip?

Definition of trip - In either case the maximum trip length is 6 months for any one trip, with the exception of trips that include winter sports where the maximum trip length is limited to 17 days in total in any one year. The Insurer will not pay any benefit for any part of a trip that has exceeded these maximum trip durations.

Can you extend the 6 month individual trip duration?

The maximum duration is 6 months.

Medical Conditions

I’ve got a medical emergency…

You should call the medical emergency number on 0208 763 3040.

If you have any medical conditions that could relate to the specifics set out in our policy, then you should call Membership services to discuss pre-medical screening to check you are covered for your illness or ailment. If you have done so and haven’t had to pay a premium based on the severity of the illness or ailments then all the below is applicable;

The insurer will pay up to 10,000,000 per beneficiary towards emergency medical, surgical or hospital treatment, which is required whilst on a journey (including complications in pregnancy as diagnosed by a Doctor or specialist in obstetrics, provided that if the beneficiary is travelling between 28 and 35 weeks pregnant they obtained written confirmation from a registered Medical practitioner of the beneficiaries fitness to travel no earlier than 5 days prior to the commencement of the journey).

The insurer will also pay for additional travel expenses needed to return a beneficiary to their/your country of residence on the advice of the insurer’s medical advisor. Extra accommodation if the length of the beneficiary's journey is extended due to their stay in hospital.

Dental treatment only for the relief of immediate pain.

Claims conditions for medical emergencies

In addition to anything mentioned in the general conditions, Beneficiaries must:

- Accept the insurer's decisions concerning the most suitable, practical and reasonable solution to any medical emergency, including returning to their country of residence if the insurer's medical advisor confirms they are fit to return.

- Contact the assistance service as soon as possible after an incident arises (where costs are likely to be greater than 500) to obtain authorisation for treatment or return to their country of residence.

- Not travelling contrary to medical advice or to obtain treatment.

- Not have received a terminal prognosis prior to the journey being booked or opening your account whichever is later.

- Not be awaiting medical treatment or investigations or tests prior to booking the journey or before becoming an account holder.

- Advise the insurer of any change in health or circumstances before making any new travel arrangements.

When do you have to declare medical conditions?

You have to contact the Insurer before you book a journey or when opening the account, this applies to you as the account holder, your partner or any of your dependent children.

Exclusions - This policy does not provide any benefits for claims arising from:

A. A medical condition of a close relative, travelling companion or business associate (whether they are travelling or not) who:

  • has been a hospital in-patient in relation to the aforementioned condition in the 12 months prior to the booking of your Journey or
  • has been put on a waiting list for treatment ; or
  • has been diagnosed with or had cancer in the 12 months prior to the booking of your Journey.

B. Any psychological or psychiatric disorder, stress, anxiety or depression which was diagnosed prior to booking the journey.

Do you need to contact the insurer if you develop a new medical condition?

Yes you have to contact the Insurer before or after you book a Journey, this applies to you as the Account holder, your partner or any of your dependent children.

Do guests have to contact us if they have a medical condition?

When guests are added to the policy they will be asked the questions from the medical declaration and will need to declare and screen for any medical condition that fall outside the declaration.

I have paid for a medical upgrade; what period does this cover and how is it renewed?

A medical upgrade premium will usually be covered for 12 months for the medical conditions that have been screened. Near the end of the 12 months Cigna will write to you inviting you to contact them for a renewal. If there is a change in your health prior to or during this period then you will need to advise Cigna of this who will confirm whether cover can be continued. In some circumstances, Cigna may not be able to cover a customer’s medical condition(s) for a period of 12 months. Where they are able to offer cover, this will be on a per trip basis and the full details of each trip will be required, which includes the countries you are travelling to and the total duration of the trip. If the cover for your medical condition(s) has been accepted on a per trip basis, you must contact the insurer again as soon as you book another trip or if there is a change in detail to the existing Trip e.g. you decide to travel to a different country or extend the duration of the trip.

Are guests screened on an annual Basis?

Guests are screened on a single trip only.

Can account holder’s pay for guest screening?


Who do we send the guest screening documents to?

The guest.

What is the limit on medical expenses?



Is there a time limit on claims?

You must tell the Insurer about any claim as soon as reasonably possible. The benefits of the insurance shall not be available in respect of any increase in costs caused by your delay in telling the Insurer. You must also inform them if you are aware of any court order to do or stop doing something, order to attend court or impending prosecution. Every communication relating to a claim must be sent to them without delay’.

How will claim reimbursements be paid?

Amounts will be credited to the applicable beneficiary’s bank account.

Delays & Baggage

I've been delayed...

If there's a delay in departure you should call Membership services. - You must keep confirmation of the scheduled departure and record of the actual departure time from the airline - You will ONLY be able to claim if the delay was announced after you checked in. - The insurer will pay up to 250 per beneficiary in the first 4 hours of delay in respect of reasonable expenses; accommodation, travel expenses, meals & refreshments. You must keep a receipt of everything under these categories as evidence (restrictions apply to telephone calls refer to full T&C's for more information) Exclusions; no payment will be made in respect of any claim arising from strike or industrial action existing, or notified by declaration of intent, at or prior to the date of booking the trip.

I've missed my connection...

If your first flight is delayed after you've checked in, meaning that you miss your connecting flight and an alternative flight is not offered within four hours, the insurer will pay up to 250 per beneficiary (maximum 1000) for additional accommodation, travel expenses, meals and refreshments. Keep any receipts under these categories as evidence, you should call the emergency line.

If an alternative connecting flight is not offered within 24 hours, the insurer will pay up to an additional 500 per beneficiary (maximum 2000) for additional travel expenses in order to reach your original intended destination as shown on your original travel itinerary by the same class of travel as originally booked. This additional benefit is only available to the beneficiary where the total amount claimed under ‘missed connections’ does not exceed the total cancellation cost of the journey, you should call the emergency line.

Exclusions - Missing the check-in time as shown in the travel itinerary for any reason, other than the previous flight being delayed. A strike or any form of industrial action which had been announced or commenced before the beneficiary purchased the travel tickets, obtained confirmation of booking or before they departed from their home address. Check anything mentioned in the general exclusions part of the policy as well.

I’ve lost my bag... my bag’s been delayed...

Personal baggage - The Insurer will pay for up to a maximum of 10,000 per beneficiary for personal possessions that are lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed whilst on a journey. The single article limit is 1,000. The valuables limit is 1,000.

Delayed baggage - If a beneficiary’s personal possessions are temporarily lost on an outbound journey from their country of residence and not restored to them:

- Within 4 hours, the insurer will pay the cost of essential replacement items up to the value of 200 you should call the emergency line.

- After 48 hours, the insurer will pay the cost of further essential replacement items up to the further value of 400, giving a total of 600. The most the insurer will pay under this section is 600, regardless of the number of people claiming, call the non-emergency line.

Claims conditions for baggage - In addition to anything mentioned in the general conditions, beneficiaries must:

- Keep their tickets and luggage tags & keep all receipts for any replacement essential items purchased

- Report any loss to the carriers or the Police within 24 hours of its discovery; Take all steps to recover property, which is lost or stolen

- Obtain a property irregularity report from the carriers within three days of the incident or where they have reported the loss to the Police authorities in the country where the loss occurred within 24 hours of discovery and obtain a copy of the report

- Follow the carrier’s conditions of carriage

- Provide the insurer with proof of ownership for the items

- Not abandon any property.

If your personal possessions prove to be permanently lost, the overall limit under personal baggage apply. Beneficiaries must provide the insurer with as much information as possible to substantiate claims and where necessary make every attempt to recover personal possessions. Exclusions – do apply read the policy for these.

Partner/Guest Cover

What is the definition of a partner?

'Partner' the person that the Account holder lives with at the Account holder’s home address, in a relationship, whether married or cohabiting, as if husband and wife or civil Partners regardless of gender.

Who can purchase an Additional cover policy?

Account Holder, Account Holder's partner & Account Holder's dependent children.

Who can purchase a screening policy?

Account Holder, Account Holder's partner & Account Holder's dependent children.

What is the age limit for guests?

There is no age limit.

Are there any limitations on guest?

'Guest' any individual for whom the appropriate additional premium has been paid, whilst travelling with an Account holder during the period of the Journey and whose Country of residence is the same as the Account holder

What is the age limit for Account holders & Partner?

No Age Limit except for children. 'Dependent children' means all children (including legally adopted, foster and step children) of the Account holder or Account holder’s Partner who at the start date of the Journey are aged under 18 years (or up to 23 if in full time education), living at the Account holder’s Home address and are unmarried or have not entered into a Civil Partnership. The benefits of the Insurance are also available to Dependent children who do not reside permanently (or for the majority of the time) with the Account holder, providing the child(ren) resides permanently with the other parent for the remainder of the time.

Can the Account holder and family travel independently?

Yes, although dependant child(ren) travelling without an Account holder is only covered if on a trip organised by school/recognised organisation which is supervised by adults.

Winter Sport

What additional covers are available?

  • Winter sports trip extension
  • Increase cancellation cover
  • Medical screening upgrades
  • Hazardous Activities

What is the winter sports trip limit?

Definition of trip - In either case the maximum trip length is 6 months for any one trip, with the exception of trips that include winter sports where the maximum Trip length is limited to 17 days in total in any one year. Insurers will not pay any benefit for any part of a trip that has exceeded these maximum trip durations.

What is the trip limit on winter sports additional cover extension?

31 Days.