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How to complain

We do everything we can to make sure our customers get the best possible service. However, sometimes, we don’t get things right.

If that happens, we always encourage you to tell us, so that we can put it right.

We want to:

  • make it easy for you to tell us when things go wrong;
  • give your complaint the attention it deserves
  • resolve your complaint without delay
  • make sure you are satisfied with how your complaint was resolved

How and where to complain

In person Visit any of our branches and speak to one of our staff. Use our Branch Locator to find your nearest branch.
In writing Address your letter to your Relationship Manager or the Manager of your local branch.
By telephone Contact us on 01624 637000. Lines open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm GMT except public holidays.
Online Complete our online form. Please note that additional personal information should not be included in this message for security reasons. We will respond by telephone or letter for the same reason.

You can save or print a copy of our complaints procedure guide for future reference.

How long will it take?

We treat complaints as a priority and will always aim to resolve as soon as possible. In most cases, complaints can be resolved within two weeks, however more complex complaints may take longer. We will always keep you up to date until your complaint has been resolved.

What if we can't reach an agreement?

If together we can not reach agreement on the satisfactory resolution of your complaint, we will send you a 'final response letter'. This will clearly outline our position with regard to your complaint.

The Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme

The Isle of Man has an Ombudsman Scheme. The Ombudsman acts independently of the Bank and provides a free service as an impartial adjudicator. The Ombudsman can deal with complaints about most types of banking business. However, you must be a private individual.

There are certain types of complaint the Ombudsman cannot deal with, including the following:

  • a mistake that has not caused financial loss, material inconvenience or material distress
  • matters that have been (or are being) dealt with by a court
  • the way the banking system operates
  • the way in which the Bank used its commercial judgement:
    for example, whether or not to give someone an account, a loan or a credit card - and the terms applied unless there was a maladministration. (Maladministration includes material mistake, undue delay, improper discrimination or failure to follow proper procedures)
  • fees or interest that are charged properly under the terms of the account

If you wish to ask the Ombudsman to review your complaint the address to write to is:

The Financial Ombudsman Scheme
Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading
Thie Slieau Whallian
Foxdale Road
St Johns
Isle of Man

You can also review the Isle of Man regulator's website,