Report fraud or suspicious activity on your account

Report fraud

Things to consider

There can be a number of explanations for a transaction that you might not immediately recognise on your bank account.

Please check our guidance before reporting it as fraud. If you're still unsure, report it and we'll resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Don't recognise a payment?

There could be a number of explanations why you don’t recognise a payment taken from your account.

A company trading with a different name

Some retailers use a different trading name to what they are normally known as.

Check our list of common trading name for details of the companies trading under that name or a quick internet search may help identify a retailer.

A regular payment taken from your account

A regular debit or credit card payment is a regular payment made from your card, like a subscription to a publication or a service, such as Netflix. Regular payments automatically carry over to new cards unless cancelled.

Please contact the company first as this is often the easiest way to resolve any disputes.

Pre-authorised payment such as a hotel booking

A company can take a pre-authorised amount from your account and once the service is complete and the balance is settled, the pre-authorised amount will be reversed back to you or the full payment will be taken.

Only the retailer can cancel pending transactions. If you’re still having issues, please visit debit card payment support.

Not received goods or services paid for by debit card?

The first step is speaking to the retailer to see if the issue can be resolved. If you’ve contacted the company and still need our support you can raise a dispute with the company.

Report fraud or a scam

If you believe you've been the victim of fraud or a scam, we want to help as quickly as possible. To speed the process up, please try and have as much information about the transaction or event as possible before you get in touch.

Please choose the appropriate option to get assistance quickly.