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Gold account

Private Motor Excess Insurance

Your Private Motor Excess Insurance can refund the excess you may have to pay following a successful claim under any separate car insurance policy you hold. For Private Motor Excess Insurance to refund the excess, the claim on your car insurance needs to be more
than the excess you have to pay.

To notify the Insurer of a claim in the first instance please contact:

Membership Services: 02392 676061

You must give all information or help that You are asked for. Further details of how to claim are included in the policy document.

The policy number is P04183.

Private Motor Excess Insurance

What you need to know

Who is eligible for the PME Insurance Benefit?

Any Gold account holder, partner and dependant children aged 21-23 in full time education.

Are partner‘s or dependant children who are not Gold account holders covered?

Yes cover is extended to these family members.

How does Private Motor Excess Insurance work?

If your private motor insurer pays an ‘at fault’ claim that exceeds your policy excess, your PME policy will refund the excess applied, up to the maximum of 3,000 per annual motor insurance period.

For example: The accident in question must have caused sufficient damage for the Private Motor insurer to pay out i.e. Accident damage is 200 yet Excess on the Motor Policy is 250 – the PME insurer will not pay out, but if the Damage is 200 and the Excess is 150, then Motor Insurer pays 50 and the PME insurer will refund the customers 150 excess.

Does PME cover Private Motor Insurance taken in any country?

PME is available in all countries e.g. if a customer is resident in Spain and has Spanish private motor insurance they would be covered by PME.

Does PME cover named drivers?

Yes, if they are a Gold account holder or partner and dependant children aged 21-23 in full time education.

Does PME only cover car insurance?

Yes, cars are the only type of vehicles covered by PME.

What is not covered?

Any claims rejected by your car insurer and any claims for glass repair, breakdown, towing or misfuelling.

Please refer to the insurance guide for a full list of exclusions.

Do I need to advise the PME insurer if I change my car?

No, however the excess will only be covered if the car is registered in your name before the accident took place.

When would my excess be funded?

Following a successful claim on your car insurance, your car insurer would make a payment, less your excess. Once this is completed you would have 31 days to submit a PME insurance claim. As part of the claims process the PME insurer will need to see the letter from your car insurer detailing the amount they have settled and your excess.

What about uninsured drivers who cause an accident to me?

You must be the cause of the accident – the reason for this is that if a 3rd party caused the accident, the excess on your main Private Motor Insurance, will be taken care of by the other person’s Insurer. However, if for any reason this is not the case i.e. the person causing the accident was uninsured – then this policy will pay out but only after 6 months of trying to recover the costs.