Climate zone

Travel in a way that's kind to the planet

Make a positive impact on your next trip

What you drive, where you travel and what holidays you take can all impact your carbon footprint and we can make decisions to travel more sustainably.

3 ways to make your travel greener

Sustainable travel simply means moving around in a way which is kinder to the planet. It’s becoming more and more popular and there are plenty of ways you can travel more sustainably:

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    These boots were made for walking

    We’re lucky to live in places which have some amazing scenery, so take advantage of this and take more journeys on foot. It’s cheaper, keeps you fit and cuts down emissions. 

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    On your bike

    Check out the local cycle routes in your area and see when you could hop on two wheels instead of four. Many employers have a cycle to work scheme which offer discounts on bikes so see what’s available to you. 

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    Catch the bus

    If you’re going further afield check what public transport is available. It’s cheaper than driving and buses have less emissions per person.

Go electric

Running an electric vehicle is cheaper than a conventional motor as there are less elements which require servicing and you save on the cost of fuel. Look into electric vehicle dealers in your area to save pennies and the planet.

Did you know that in the Isle of Man you can get a cheaper tariff for your electric vehicle? 

Holiday closer to home

Many tourists come to our islands for holidays each year but how many places have you visited near your own backyard? By holidaying at home you can learn more about your local area and support local business. Plus less car rides and plane journeys means less emissions.

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