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Ways to reduce, reuse and recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Each day we make decisions that impact our planet - some out of choice and some by necessity. By taking a moment to think about what you could reduce, reuse and recycle you can make responsible decisions that will lower your carbon footprint.

Ideas to help you cut down on waste

Avoid single use plastic

On island many of us are lucky to live close to the beach and ocean. Have a think about how we can reduce the amount of plastic in them. Reusable water bottles and plastic bags are just two small ways to reduce the amount of single use plastic you use.

Cut back on food waste

Emissions are created throughout the whole food production process, from where it’s grown and produced to when you buy it in store. You can help this by only buying what you need and avoiding the temptation to buy in excess.


Recycling conserves resources, saves energy and protects our planet. Check your local parish and government websites to see what can be recycled and when.

Tips to reduce and reuse

Turn trash into treasure


Every new product made creates emissions before it hits the shop floor. Why not prolong the life of things which already exist by shopping second hand or upcycling what you already own.

Pick planet friendly products


It’s now easier than ever to find out about a companies environmental policies on their websites and use that to make an informed decision about who you shop with.

You can also check the labels of things like clothing and homeware to see if it was made with recycled materials or renewable energy.

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