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Meet Pigby & Friends

Pigby is everyone’s true friend,
and now he’s yours too.

First Saver

Introducing Pigby & Friends

Pigby 'the little helper'

Pigby is everyone’s true friend and now he’s yours too. He knows that by saving money today, he’ll have more to enjoy later.

Clever, curious and charming, Pigby is always there to help his pals.

Truffles is your ‘go-to’ gal for style and fashion. She’s always on trend and ahead of the curve. Trouble is, with so many parties to go to she can never buy enough new dresses.

Pigby tries to help her see the value of saving, but it’s far from easy!

Truffles 'the fashionista'
Buzz 'the adrenaline junky'

Buzz lives for speed and thrills. You’re most likely to find him at the local skatepark or trying some daredevil stunt, which means he could do with concentrating a bit more on saving.

Luckily, Pigby is on hand to show him how much fun it can be.

Pigasso is the arty one – painting pictures, taking photos and making models from clay.

She’s always saving up for a new easel or costume, and Pigby is always around to help.

Pigasso 'the artist'
Newton 'the scientist'

Newton is a geek and proud of it. He loves science and everyone is always keen to hear about his latest experiment or theory.

When Newton’s got something on the go he can get a little carried away, and that’s where Pigby steps in.

Scamp is the gifted sports star who always gives 110%. She sometimes dives into adventures without thinking about them, and that’s where Pigby comes in.

In any case, Scamp is a real team player who’ll take on any challenge and never give up until the job is done.

Scamp 'the sportswoman'

First Saver

What’s next?

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