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Bank statements and transactions explained

A guide to what's on your statement

Your statement is a record of all money going into and coming out of your account over a period of time. You can access your statements online, via our Mobile Banking app or on paper.

Your statement will show your balance at a given time and the money you have available to take out of the account. Some of the other things you should see on your statement are:

Funds going out (debits)

Funds coming in (credits)


The majority of payments will normally be processed without delay. However, transactions considered unusual to the normal operation of your account will be referred for further investigation. If this occurs the payment will not be sent until the investigation has been completed.

Statement references

A reference is placed against most transactions on your statement. These references can sometimes be confusing.

If you make a payment or transfer online or over the phone you will see a unique call references on your statement next to the transaction.

Online and Mobile Banking app statements

Statements shown online may differ slightly to those shown in our Mobile banking app - in general more information is presented in the online version.

Your 'statement' in our Mobile Banking app shows the last 6 transactions for each account.

In Online Banking you can also see this 'mini statement' view as well as being able to see and search statements and transactions going back up to 7 years.

Paper statements

If you want to receive paper statements you can request this through Online Banking, over the phone or in branch free of charge. In Online Banking you can also choose to receive paper statements regularly.