Financial difficulty

Support for mortgage customers

Some non-standard mortgage types are excluded, we will confirm if this is the case once you have applied for your preferred support option.

How to apply for support

All of the options outlined below can help with a temporary reduction in outgoings. However, your mortgage balance will increase and you will pay more over the term of your mortgage. So, it’s important that you only apply if you’re currently having difficulties making your mortgage payments.

The quickest way to apply for further support in relation to your mortgage payments is to provide any information we ask for. We will ask you questions about your income and expenditure.

Before you submit any support requests, please make sure all the information is correct. If not, this will cause a delay in dealing with your request.

One of our team will contact you to discuss your financial circumstances and your requirements.

If full payments are not made on your mortgage, any amounts outstanding for payment will be reported to credit reference agencies which may impact your credit rating/score. The extent of the impact to your credit rating/score will depend on your overall financial profile.

For further information on the impact you should speak with an independent debt advice agency who can  give you support and advice.

We're here for you

We understand that worrying about paying your mortgage either now or in the future can cause a great deal of stress, but it’s important to talk to us now, so please do get in touch. Our friendly team is on hand to help you. We’ll listen to you and walk you through the options available.

You can also visit our page on financial difficulties, where we have some practical tips and links to independent agencies who can also give you support and advice.