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Mobile Banking

Specifically designed to support Isle of Man Bank customers, the Business Banking app is available for download on the iPhone. The app allows you to easily access and manage your business finances on the move, giving you greater control of your finances.

Download the app today from the App Store.

Isle of Man Bank customers can securely register in minutes using the same log-in details as Online Banking.

You can:

  • Manage multiple business accounts
  • Check balances and statements - including up to seven years of transactions
  • Make payments to anyone previously paid via Online Banking
  • Transfer money quickly and easily between Isle of Man Bank accounts
  • Locate the nearest Isle of Man Bank branch or cash machine

To keep your Business Banking app up-to-date with additional features please ensure you accept our app updates.

To use the Business Banking app, you'll need:

  • an Apple iPhone 3Gs or above with iOS version 4.0 or above

You’ll also need:

  • a Isle of Man Bank business account,
  • to be registered for our Online Banking service,
  • to be aged over 16.

Please note that you can view the Business Banking app on the iPad, although the app is not optimised for this device.

You can sign up for Online Banking here. You’ll need your account information and debit card to hand.

We don't charge you for using the Business Banking app, however standard network charges may apply. Please refer to your network provider for their charges.

How to sign up

Registering your Isle of Man Bank Business Banking app is easy and only takes a few minutes.

How to cancel the service

You can cancel the service at any time by deleting the app from your mobile. Please note, removing businesses from your app will not remove them from Online Banking.

We answer your questions about mobile banking.

Can I make payments via the Business Banking app?

Yes – you can make a payment to any payee you have previously made a payment to on Isle of Man Bank Online Banking.

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Can I access my personal bank accounts from the business banking app?

While you can use either app, we recommend that you download the app that matches your account type.

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What happens to my Business Banking app if I change my phone?

For security, make sure that you delete the app from your old phone. The service will carry on as before, but you’ll need to download the app again from the App Store.

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What should I do if I have a new or replacement debit card?

Nothing, the Business Banking app does not rely on your debit card so will still work as normal.

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What happens to my Business Banking app if I change my phone number or SIM card?

Nothing, the Business Banking app does not rely on your SIM card or phone number so will still work as normal.

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