Business Quick Deposit

Convenient and easy way to deposit cash and cheques

What is Business Quick Deposit?

It’s a convenient, simple and secure way to pay in your Bank Giro Credit at any branch. This service offers you:

  • Convenience with no time wasted waiting for your cash to be counted
  • Security as the deposit is placed in a tamper-proof wallet
  • Simplicity as Business Quick Deposit is easy, using the same Bank Giro Credit slips as before

How to use Business Quick Deposit

Business Quick Deposit is a convenient and straightforward way to deposit cash and cheques. Here’s how to use it:

  1. 01

    Count your cash in the normal way

  2. 02

    Complete a preprinted Bank Giro Credit

  3. 03

    Write the totals on the grid on the Business Quick Deposit wallet

  4. 04

    Place your cash in the Business Quick Deposit wallet

  5. 05

    Place your Bank Giro Credit and cheques in the clear pocket

  6. 06

    Detach the tear-off slip for your records

  7. 07

    Bring the wallet to your branch and place it in the Quick Deposit unit or deposit it with the branch staff

  8. 08

    You can obtain a supply of wallets from your Isle of Man Bank branch and in cases where you need more than ten, simply contact your branch and give them 24 hours’ notice

Common questions

Register for Business Quick Deposit

To register for Business Quick Deposit, please contact your Business Relationship Manager or complete the registration form and take it to your branch.