Business guides

Our guide to marketing your business

Market research

All businesses should carry out some market research as part of their business and marketing plan. Market research will show the emerging trends and developments in the economic sector you are about to enter, identify competitors and show who your customers or clients are likely to be.

Marketing plans

A good marketing plan will outline the emerging trends and developments for the market in which your business operates. It’ll help to identify what your business hopes to achieve in the future, set targets, and perhaps most importantly, state how your business will achieve these goals.

Business websites

Nearly all businesses have a website, but you’ll need to carefully consider its purpose and value.

Selling online

An online service allows your customers to buy your goods and services directly over the internet.

Company brochures

A range of distinctive and informative publications can make your business stand out from its competitors. Well-designed and high-quality printed material can be a useful marketing tool.


Exhibiting your business at a trade fair or industry show is one of the best ways of getting in front of your target audience. However, they’re often not cheap to do so you’d need to set aside sufficient budget. They also need a lot of planning and managing.

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