Business guides

Our guide to managing your business

Business insurance

Insurance increases your business overheads but is absolutely essential. Some insurance is compulsory,such as employers' liability and motor, but it makes sense to cover yourself against other contingencies such as theft or fire.

It can be very tempting to reduce the costs to a bare minimum by under-insuring, but this could be a mistake. If the worst happen, your business could be left without vital resources.

Computer systems

There’s hardly a business around today that doesn’t have access to a computer or tablet. These are useful tools for holding and managing databases of customers, spreadsheets of financial figures and lots of other important business information.

Email and internet

Electronic communication helps us do business faster and with many more people than ever before. The challenge is to understand this exciting technology and find the best ways to make it work for your business.

Securing premises

Crime needs to be managed like any other business risk. Theft of equipment or data from premises may leave the business unable to trade for an extended time, and a business with limited resources might not survive this period of little or no income.

Using consultants

Managing the varied demands of a small business, you often feel that you are required to be a master of all trades. It is not possible, though, to be an expert in every aspect of your business.

Switch your business account to us

Our switch service will move everything across from your old account to your new Isle of Man Bank account within 7 working days. All your direct debits and standing orders will be moved as part of the switch.

It’s completely free and is backed by an industry-wide guarantee.