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Online Banking

Getting started

Go green, go paperless

It's easy to reduce the paper trail and switch some or all of your accounts to online statements.

  • Less waste, no shredding required!
  • Search up to 7 years of statement history online
  • Switch back to paper statements at any time

Using a card-reader

A card-reader is a chip and PIN device which provides an added layer of security when banking online.

  • It's used to authorise certain online banking transactions
  • You'll need to use your card reader when setting up new payments for the first time

Other features

Add a payee to Online Banking

Before you can make a payment you need to set up a payee within Online Banking.

Make payments online

Pay a bill or make a payment or transfer to a person or company from your bank account.

Understanding your online statement

Online Banking makes it easy to stay in touch with your finances.