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Auction sites

Look after your own interests

Although buying and selling items using online auction sites can be successful, not every person you encounter is trustworthy and not every selling site is as it seems.

Whether buying or selling, it's always important to know who you are dealing with. And remember - giving your account details to an unknown third party may lead to identity theft.

When buying...

  • Use secure websites only - these are identified by a padlock or key symbol and a site address that changes from 'http' to 'https'
  • Check all documentation when you are shopping online and make sure the site is genuine
  • Know what you are expecting to receive, and preferably order items that are relatively small in value
  • Always print off any order and find out as much detail about the seller as possible
  • Remember that it can be time consuming and costly to chase non-receipt of any orders - and this should be considered before purchasing

When selling...

  • Never release any items until you have received payment in full - and make sure cheques have cleared before handing over goods
  • Understand the true value of the items you are selling, and do not be tempted to accept the first offer that comes your way
  • Be aware you may receive counterfeit documents such as drafts or cheques. If you are unsure, ask your bank to check these out for you