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Further information on EU Membership

What is the immediate impact of the referendum?

It is important to note that nothing is expected to change immediately.

The outcome of this referendum is not expected to have an immediate impact on everyday banking services.

What happens next?

There will now be a period of negotiation where the UK Government will negotiate its exit relationship with the European Union.

We will monitor the situation and keep customers updated on any notable developments.

Is my money safe?

Your money will continue to be protected by the Isle of Man Depositors' Compensation Scheme (DCS) as set out in the Depositors' Compensation Scheme Regulations 2010.

Will I still be able to use ATMs in EU countries?

Yes. Your bank cards should work as usual and you should still be able to use ATMs across Europe.

Can I still make and receive payments from EU countries?

Yes. There should be no immediate changes to how you make and receive payments. You can continue to access and use your account as usual.

Your usual direct debits and other payments should continue as normal.