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Cheque Guarantee Scheme Closure

The Payments Council closed the Cheque Guarantee Scheme on 30 June 2011. Whilst it is still possible for your business to accept and issue cheques, it is no longer possible to guarantee cheques.

If you previously relied on the scheme either for accepting payments from customers or making payments, you will now need to use alternative solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers who previously accepted guaranteed cheques

Q: When is the last date I will be able to accept a guaranteed cheque?

A: The scheme closed on 30 June 2011 so cheques can no longer be guaranteed.

Q: Can I still accept cheques?

A: Yes – but without the guarantee.

Q: Why was the decision made to close the Cheque Guarantee Scheme?

A: The decision was made due to the declining usage of cheques as a payment method over the last 5 years.

Q: I have a debit card with the guarantee facility, will my card be replaced?

A: The current card will be replaced in the future without a cheque guarantee hologram but until that time you can continue to use your current card. This can still be used for normal POS and ATM usage, just not for cheque guarantee purposes.

Q: Have other banks removed the cheque guarantee facility from their cards?

A: Yes, other banks have begun to remove the cheque guarantee hologram from cards.

Q: Where can my customers find more information around the scheme closure?

A: You can refer customers to the Payments Council website where more information on the closure of the UK Cheque Card Guarantee Scheme is available.

Next Steps

If you require further information and advice on choosing the most appropriate alternative payment methods, please contact your Relationship Manager.

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